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Taxes and Assessments

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The Treasurer is responsible for all deposits, investments and billing, collection and disbursement of property taxes, and budgeting. Property tax bills are mailed to property owners twice a year. Taxes are calculated on the Taxable Value of the property. The summer billing is mailed the first week of July and is due by September 14th. The winter billing is mailed the first week of December and is due by February 14th. After March 1st of each year all uncollected real property taxes are turned over to the Allegan County Treasurer for collection. Millage rates are set by each of the taxing authorities. The taxing authorities then direct the City how much to collect and when to collect it. The City of the Village of Douglas bills, collects and disburses taxes for Saugatuck Public Schools, Allegan County, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, Interurban Transit Authority, Saugatuck Douglas District Library, Saugatuck Township Fire District, State of Michigan, and of course the City of the Village of Douglas.

Robert Drexler, City Treasurer

City Treasurer Biography

Robert Drexler was appointed City Treasurer in May 2008. Bob is a Hope College graduate with a BA in Accounting. Originally from Dryden, in the thumb area of Michigan, Bob now resides in the Holland area. Bob is the Treasurer of the Holland Young Professionals and Treasurer of the Tau Septaton Alumni Association.

Bob is a member of the Allegan County Treasurer’s Association, Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association, Association of Public Treasurer’s United States and Canada, Governmental Finance Officers Association, and the Michigan Governmental Finance Officers Association Accounting Standards Committee.

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