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All registered voters within the City of the Village of Douglas cast their ballots at City Hall, 86 W. Center Street, Douglas, MI 49406. Any questions regarding elections or voting may be directed to the City Clerk at 269-857-1438.

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Every year voters in the City of Douglas have the opportunity to vote for positions on the City Council.  These positions are non-partisan and are elected on the November ballot.

Individuals interested in running for office must be a resident of the city for 1 year, at least 17 1/2 years of age, a US citizen and registered to vote in the City of Douglas. Persons interested in running for City council must submit a petition containing not less than 25 signatures qualified City voters in order to be on the November ballot. Petitions are available at the City Clerk’s office and must be submitted by the designated deadline. Please check with the City Clerk’s office for further details.

A City Council member has one of seven equal votes in the legislative decisions within the City. Council members have the responsibility to attend at least two City Council meetings a month and participate in deliberations and decisions. A Council member is placed in the position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the funds of the City in the best interest of the City.