Voting Information

All registered voters within the City of the Village of Douglas cast their ballots at City Hall, 86 W. Center Street, Douglas, MI 49406. Any questions regarding elections or voting may be directed to the City Clerk at 269-857-1438, or by email – clerk@ci.douglas.mi.us

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Absentee Voter Application


Upcoming Elections

Notice of Election – Aug 2021

Notice of Registration – Aug 2021


Candidate Filing 

The City of the Village of Douglas will have three (3) City Council seats on the November 2021 ballot.

A member of the council shall meet the eligibility requirements as set forth herein.  The councilperson
shall be a resident of the city for not less than one (1) year and shall be a registered voter at the time of 
the election for which each is a candidate.  They must remain a resident of the city during their term of office.

Nominating Petitions Available for Douglas City Council

Getting Started As A Candidate

Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing

Nominating and Qualifying Petitions